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MusicWorks purpose is to use live entertainment to entertain our audiences and make a difference in the Florida communities we work in.

As a 501c3 non profit , MusicWorks is committed to identifying a performing arts organization or a local charity and having them benefit from our performances.

Whether we make a direct donation, provide free tickets for resale, cross promote the charity’s work through our marketing channels, or have them display their literature/products at our concerts, we make sure that our shows serve a greater purpose than simply providing a ticket buyer with a great night of entertainment.

All of our full/part time staff are volunteers. While we do pay outside consultants/vendors to provide necessary support, the majority of our work is provided to the community for free.

We do this because we want to, and because we believe in what we are doing…. not because we have to.

From a single benefit concert in 2013 we are now producing/presenting over 30 concerts in seven major Florida markets.

If you wish to be a part of our ambition to make a difference through music, you can do it by making a donation to MusicWorks Inc. As a 501c3 corporation, your contribution is tax deductible.

You can help us by choosing below:

You may choose to purchase a block of tickets and donate them to a specified charity of your choice. MusicWorks will coordinate the administration of the charity’s involvement the night of the show.

You may make a donation to help offset the expense of producing each concert. These costs include talent acquisition, advertising, venue rental and event services.

You may make a donation to help offset MusicWorks operating expenses.

If you wish, your involvement can be recognized on our website, in our marketing materials, at events, and in our publicity.

If you have questions, please contact Rusty Young by e-mail:

If you make a donation we promise that it will be used as directed, and that we will let you know how your gift made a difference.

Thank you for helping us.


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