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It's a great world where people can get together and have a night of fun and music and nothing but fun and music…Max Yasgur

MusicWorks specializes in connecting classic rock and folk artists with the audiences that appreciate the music of the 60s and 70s.

Our artists play all the songs you grew up singing, but our shows are not really about the hits, they’re about the experience. The artists we work with know that we use their music and the stories that surround it to take our audiences back to a time when life was simpler, when we believed our hopes and dreams could be realized.

Our artists know that their music gave us something that was real, something we could connect with –and they remind us of that at each of our shows.

Our shows bring audiences back to a time when music mattered, when artists cared and when live entertainment was a cultural phenomenon.

MusicWorks is not about nostalgia, we’re about the power of the live entertainment experience. How for a few hours music is all that matters.

MusicWorks creates these moments. Using our relationships throughout the entertainment industry with artists, talent agencies, managers and venues – we produce and promote shows throughout Florida.

We also believe that music should do more than entertain -- we believe it should make a difference. At each of our shows a local or national  non profit will benefit from the performance.